The C/AL editor in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV have always been behind any other code editors in terms of usability and helpfulness. Microsoft have addressed this issue in NAV 2016 by introducing a brand-new C/AL editor that has features found in many other code editors. Here is a list of new features in the new C/AL Editor.

  • More Colours and Line numbers– once you open the new editor you will straight away notice that it is much more colourful that previous versions.
  • Functions can be collapsed and expanded – +/- buttons can be used to collapse functions so that they are not in your way if you are not working on them at the moment.
  • Modified code appears with yellow indicator – If you are working on a section of code then that section is highlighted in yellow on the left side. Yellow indicator turns green once the new code is compiled.
  • Undo and Redo function – CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y shortcuts can now be used to undo or redo changes (finally!).
  • Editor suggests text – once you start typing, the editor tries to suggest the code that you may want to type in a dropdown box below text and instead of typing the code the developer can select from the dropdown and code will fill in automatically.
  • Enter options will show option values after ‘::’ is entered.
  • Incorrect syntax code is underlined in red so you immediately know that it needs to be fixed before even compiling.

This is a shortlist of the features that I found most useful in the new C/AL editor. There are a few more new features but they are not as significant. In general, this is a huge improvement over the last generation editors and I cannot see any reason why anyone would want to go back to old the editor.



Written by Edvinas Saltmiris, ERP NAV Consultant

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