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GDPR Data Compliance & IBM StoredIQ

GDPR Data Compliance – Do You Have A Solution To Help Manage Your Unstructured  Data Compliance?  

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Effective from 25th May 2018, one of the challenges is knowing where personal data is held.  For many organisations personal data will be stored in both structured databases and unstructured data-sources such as excel, csv files, emails and so on.

Unstructured data-sources provide a very real challenge to manage and govern.

IBM StoredIQ enables organisations to manage GDPR Data Compliance to discover, recognise, and act on Unstructured Data without moving it to a repository or specialty.

GDPR Data Compliance – Put IBM StoredIQ to work for managing your Unstructured Data in a GDPR environment



  • IBM StoredIQ offers a powerful data assessment solution for discovering, recognising and acting on unstructured data without first moving it to a repository.
  • Advanced search capabilities specifically tailored to help legal, records, compliance and IT staff discover data in accordance with corporate and regulatory policy.
  • Detailed data analysis to simplify the analysis of large amounts of corporate data.
  • In-place data management capabilities to remediate regulatory and corporate policy violations.
  • Companies can maximise the value of their Unstructured information by putting it to work in Data Analytics Systems.
  • StoredIQ helps ensure that the information consumed by data analytics applications is of high quality, and it enables organisations to maximise the potential of their unstructured information.
  • IBM StoredIQ easily addresses Data Retention issues and is fully responsive to Audit requests.


 …Unstructured information accounts for about 90% of enterprise information, and many organisations lack the processes and systems required to effectively manage this information throughout its life cycle…  …Minimise the risks associated with over-retention or the use of information that contains confidential or personally identifiable data…. (IDC Research) 

  • IBM StoredIQ now has GDPR-focused data discovery that provide a powerful data assessment solution for discovering and recognising sensitive and personal unstructured data…

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