Business Analytics Check

Business Analytics Check

Maybe you are considering getting started on a Strategy for effective Analytics, or if you are further along the road, validate that you are implementing best practices and optimising your investment in Analytics.  Maybe you are thinking that you should be using Cloud to deliver Analytics or you are challenged with maximising User Adoption?

If any of these issues ring a bell then why not use the Complimentary ProStrategy Analytics Check to talk to one of our experienced  Consultants and get started on one of the following:

Analytics Strategy:

  • Our experienced consultants will meet with Senior Business Leads from your business to identify how Analytics can be used to drive business value for you.
  • Map out a Data and Analytics Strategy that will collect the relevant data from your business and make it available to the appropriate people in a way that is relevant to them

Best Practice:

  • Review your existing environment to validate that it;
    • Provides you with the information that is of value to you and the business
    • Delivers information to people that is appropriate to their needs
    • Can grow with the business and will continue to add value
  • Provide high-level recommendations regarding technical architecture that will meet your needs.

Cloud and Serverless computing:

  • Should you be moving away from on-premises, or looking to cloud for at least part of your analytics delivery?
  • If yes, how can you get started and build a solution that grows with your business

User Adoption and Enablement:

  • Analytics brings real value when people engage with information;
    • Identify strategies for engaging people so that they optimise Analytics
    • Identify the data needs for the different personas within your organisation
    • Identify training and support programs to maximise adoption


  • Review resource constraints
  • Identify how surge capacity or outsourced partnership can accelerate progress

Complimentary Half-Day Business Analytics Consultation Offer

Whether you are considering migrating your current Analytics and/or Data Management Platforms, or just need some advice and guidance –  Why Not Avail of Our Complimentary Business Analytics Consultation to get you started! 

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