Self Service Data Preparation & Analysis

Self Service Data Preparation & Analysis

About Data Preparation & Analysis

About Data Preparation & Analysis

With the advent of new self-service analytics tools designed for business users, the need for a complementary self-service data preparation & analysis solution is becoming widely recognised.

Datawatch is a self-service data preparation & analysis tool to allow all business users to achieve the desired results when working across all types of Data.  Over-coming organisational data challenges is critical to achieving business success:

  • 80% of an analyst’s time is spent on data preparation
  • Only 12% of enterprise data is used for decision making
  • Data will grow 800% over the next 5 years and 90% will be multi-structured

Data Preparation and analysis help the business users to solve some of the most difficult data challenges with simple drag-and-drop, or mouse clicks and allows the users to interact directly with all their data.

Self-service data preparation tools are rapidly being recognized as a necessary element to any data discovery implementation.  Thorough, automated data preparation, will quickly transform raw information into reliable, consistent data sets ready for visual data analysis.

Put Data Preparation & Analysis To Work For You

Put Data Preparation & Analysis To Work For You

Datawatch Data Preparation & Analysis is the only Managed Analytics Platform that brings together Self-Service Data Preparation with Visual Data Discovery and is used to solve a variety of Data challenges across all industries.

  • A single solution to solve the different operational and analytical challenges, for example:
    • Audit & Compliance
    • Reconciliation
    • Planning & Budgeting
    • Sales Performance Management, and much more…
  • Self-service data preparation for the Business Intelligence Analytics tools of your choice, with seamless integration to:
    • Cognos Analytics | Watson Analytics | Tableau BI | Qlik BI | Microsoft BI and more…
  • Significantly reduce up to 80% of the time consumed preparing data
  • Access, manipulate, filter, enrich and blend disparate data sets with ease
  • Simple export of prepared data into a data visualisation tool

See Data Preparation & Analysis In Action

Self-Service Data Preparation – The fastest and easiest way for analysts to bring any data into
any Analytics Tool, for example, Cognos, Watson, Tableau, Microsoft, Excel, and much more…







Download the Self Service Data Preparation eBook today and start:

  • Preparing Data: Effortlessly collect, prepare and clean data
  • Accessing Multi-Structure Data Sources: Access data trapped in multi-structured documents such as PDFs and Log Files as well as traditional databases and real time streams
  • Masking Data: Easily remove or obscure confidential data such as social security numbers
  • Curating Data: Manage and maintain data with ease
  • Automating Tasks: Save time by automating repetitive data acquisition, conversion, and distribution

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