Disclosure Management Reporting

Disclosure Management Reporting

Accelerate the “last mile” of finance with Disclosure Management

Reduce the time, risk, and cost of regulatory filings and disclosures with Certent Disclosure Management.  Disclosure  Management Solutions help you efficiently manage the final step of your financial close – from preparing and publishing financial statements and XBRL reports, to ensuring compliance with IFRS, GAAP, and other country-specific accounting standards.

  • External Reporting– Increase compliance, accuracy and control over your external financial reports with cloud-based software that connects directly to your company’s data sources and integrates with Microsoft® Office.
  • Internal Reporting– Reduce manual processes and mitigate version control issues for automated internal reports that combine results with meaningful narrative to provide context and tell a story.
  • Disclosure Research– Improve peer benchmarking and compliance by performing focused research on millions of precedent EDGAR & SEDAR filings and accounting rules issued by the major governing bodies.
  • Taxonomy Support– Beyond support for US GAAP and IFRS-base taxonomies, Disclosure Management also supports industry-specific taxonomies such as Solvency II for the insurance industry, and Basel III-based Common Reporting Framework (COREP) and Financial Reporting Framework (FINREP) mandated by the European Banking Authority (EBA).


2017 Press Release: Certent CDM provides the industry’s only all-in-one Disclosure Management Solution, combining external and internal report creation with a built-in proprietary disclosure research engine.  Certent acquired the IBM Cognos Disclosure Management and Cognos Financial Statement Reporting (FSR) portfolio in 2017. 

How we help our Customers with Disclosure Management:

  • Accuracy and automation are critical to ensure regulatory compliance for your company’s financial disclosures.  Certent Disclosure Management provides greater control over your reporting process by eliminating manual workflows and improving the quality of your filings.
  • Certent CDM provides the only all-in-one disclosure management solution including:
    • Internal & external report creation and submission – Gain process improvements with multi-user collaboration
      controlled by role-based access, advanced workflow and task management, and a direct connection to your source
      financial data – all within familiar Microsoft® Office® applications.
    • Accurate and high quality disclosure documents – Improve your filing quality by leveraging built-in EDGAR and
      SEDAR research with automatic peer disclosure alerts, integrated XBRL review tools and a team of expert resources
      to ensure you get it right.
    • Tailored support and services from our team of experts – Comprehensive support and training from our team
      of financial reporting experts for all of your internal, external and XBRL reporting needs.

Open Up a Whole New World For Disclosure Management


…Certent CDM provides the industry’s only all-in-one disclosure management solution, combining external and internal report creation with a built-in proprietary disclosure research engine….   



Accelerate your financial close and compliance.  Best Practice Disclosure management helps  you:


  • Automate and easily manage the production, filing, and publication of financial and regulatory disclosures
  • Automate workflows to assign responsibilities, share information, and reduce risk
  • Foster collaboration by giving users more autonomy and accountability
  • Publish financial statements in a variety of formats, including XBRL
  • Ensure compliance with IFRS, multiple GAAPs, and other industry-specific accounting standards

Analytics - Solutions

Analytics - Solutions


  • IBM Data & Analytics
    • IBM Cognos Analytics Suite
    • IBM Cognos Controller
    • Reporting Accelerators for ERP (including Microsoft Dynamics NAV))
    • IBM Predictive Analytics
    • Watson Analytics Data Discovery
    • IBM Datawarehouse & Analytics
    • IBM StoredIQ (for GDPR)
  • Certent CDM
    • Disclosure Management Reporting
  • Microsoft Data & Analytics
    • Microsoft Business Intelligence Analytics
    • Power BI
    • Microsoft SQL Server Datawarehouse
  • Datawatch
    • Self-Service Data Preparation & Analysis
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