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At ProStrategy, we deliver efficient, integrated Financial Performance Management Solutions.  We are a leading Consultancy with over 30 years of  experience, knowledge, skill-sets and capability covering the needs of the Office of Finance and beyond into Operations and across the Line of Business. 

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Internal Management Accounts Reporting - Disclosure Management

At ProStrategy, we help our customers with the Last Mile of Financial Reporting – Disclosure Management and FSR (Financial Statement Reporting) – through  secure, collaborative, enterprise-scalable reporting & process automation solutions that enables users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

Benefits of Certent CDM for Narrative Performance Reporting

Benefits to Finance

  • Finance teams that can put context around the figures enjoy a more elevated /respected status within the organization, are appreciated by senior management, and can be invited to play a more active role in advising the leadership team on strategy. Due to the automation of data integration to reports and presentations the confidence in the numbers and supporting graphical information is 100%

Benefits for Management teams:

  • When finance teams have already put context around the numbers, management teams spend less time speculating as to why a certain target was missed, etc. That means earlier consensus in meetings and more time dedicated to swift decision-making and action. More confidence in the figures being presented means greater confidence in the decisions made.

Benefits for Companies:

  • Organisations with finance teams that put context around the figures enjoy many benefits, including: faster decision-making, more accurate decision-making, confidence that their story is aligned both internally and externally, and better communication of *why* a certain decision has been made (leading to greater buy-in across the organization), faster action, earlier resolution/avoidance of problems, and possible competitive advantage as a result. 

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