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At ProStrategy, we deliver efficient, integrated Financial Performance Management Solutions.  We are a leading Consultancy with over 30 years of  experience, knowledge, skill-sets and capability covering the needs of the Office of Finance and beyond into Operations and across the Line of Business. 

  • Empower your Office of Finance to thrive with best-in-class financial management and financial accounting solutions from ProStrategy.   
  • See how our solutions can transform your financial management processes to support a continuous evolution to drive a best-in-class finance reporting driven-culture.

Regulatory Reporting - Disclosure Management - CDM


At ProStrategy, we help our customers with the Last Mile of Financial Reporting – Disclosure Management and FSR (Financial Statement Reporting) – through  secure, collaborative, enterprise-scalable reporting & process automation solutions that enables users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled, auditable environment.

External Regulatory Reporting:


  • Direct Connection with Data Sources: Reduce the risk of manual errors and increase confidence with the ability to connect directly to your company’s internal data sources.
  • Permissions & Controls: Eliminate painful versioning issues and promote accountability and collaboration with powerful audit trail, control, and permission features.
  • Microsoft® Office Integration: Efficiently produce and format reports working within the Microsoft Office programs you already know how to use.
  • Access to SEC Filings and Accounting Rules: Improve regulatory compliance and produce higher-quality financial reports with a built-in disclosure research solution.



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