Business Intelligence

Business intelligence transforms data into actionable Insights that support  strategic and tactical  decision making.  BI tools enable access and analysis of enterprise wide data sets and presents analytical findings in reports, data visualisation dashboards, graphs, charts and maps to provide business users with detailed Intelligence on – business performance.

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • Disjointed / Siloed Reporting & Analysis Practices
  • Struggling to report from multiple data sources across ERP, Financials, CRM and more…
  • Are the right KPI’s and metrics being measured 
  • Is there a defined Data Analytics Strategy & company wide user adoption
  • Mobile workforce access to data-driven insights 24/7
  • Have you access to self-service BI without relying on other people

Next Steps ?

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Key ROI Benefits of BI & Analytics Solutions

  • Faster & Accurate reporting & analysis
  • Defined & Proven KPI’s and Metrics aligned to Business Goals
  • Better Self-Service BI Analytics & Business Insights
  • Data-driven Culture for company wide BI Analytics User Adoption
  • Enabling:
    • Reduced costs &  greater efficiencies
    • Improved customer engagement & satisfaction
    • Increased competitive advantage



Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions helps you understand the trends and patterns – past, present and future impacting your business and derive  key Data-driven Insights to optimise performance.   For example, within  the supply chain industry –  companies benefit from  BI capabilities to determine  supply chain kpi’s across suppliers , delivery and transport processes. Business insights can pinpoint where delays are happening and where variabilities exist.

Core Analytics Tool capabilities include  Dashboards, Data Visualisation, Reporting, Data mining, ETL (extract-transfer-load – tools that import data from one data store into another) and OLAP (online analytical processing). 



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