Certent Disclosure Management

At ProStrategy, we help our customers with the Last Mile of Financial Reporting – through Automating the last mile of finance.  Combining narrative content with financial data is the final step of both external and internal reporting process and is still a manual challenge for most organisation.  Certent CDM provides a reporting platform which make complex internal & external reporting, compliance and narrative reporting processes easier.

The Last Mile of Finance Reporting with Certent Disclosure Management & FSR – Financial Statement Reporting – Internal Reporting, External Reporting, Data Compliance, Narrative Reporting, Regulatory Reporting, EBRL Tagging and much more,

Certent Disclosure Management Reporting Streamlines & Automates:

  • External & Regulatory Reports ( Annual/ half-year, Statutory accounts, Industry Regulators, Press Releases,)
  • Worldwide EBRL Tagging ( ESMA ESEF, Solvercy II, Basel III)
  • Management Reports (Board packs, Financial statements, KPI reporting, Health & Safety incident reports)
  • Internal Reports ( Business plan/ Budget Book reports, Cash Management etc)

Demand on the CFO and the Office of Finance for more information, greater transparency, and shorter filing deadlines means manual reporting environments dominated by Word, Excel and email are no longer viable. Layer in the ever-changing industry regulations in sectors such as Banking, Insurance with their  EIOPA ESMA ESEF iXBRL mandate in 2020 – and this challenge is compounded.

ProStrartegy & Certent Cdisclosure Management and FSR Solutions helps Customers keep pace with this landscape by utilising the Certent CDM platform to automate and streamline their regulatory and group reporting to drive process improvements, reduce risks of non-compliance and error, and decrease operational costs.

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Certent Disclosure Management

Certent Disclosure Management Reporting Automation – The Benefits 

Benefits to Finance – Finance teams that can put context around the figures enjoy a more elevated /respected status within the organization, are appreciated by senior management, and can be invited to play a more active role in advising the leadership team on strategy. Due to the automation of data integration to reports and presentations the confidence in the numbers and supporting graphical information is 100%

Benefits for Management – When finance teams have already put context around the numbers, management teams spend less time speculating as to why a certain target was missed, etc. That means earlier consensus in meetings and more time dedicated to swift decision-making and action. More confidence in the figures being presented means greater confidence in the decisions made.

Benefits for Companies – Organisations with finance teams that put context around the figures enjoy many benefits, including: faster decision-making, more accurate decision-making, confidence that their story is aligned both internally and externally, and better communication of *why* a certain decision has been made (leading to greater buy-in across the organization), faster action, earlier resolution/avoidance of problems, and possible competitive advantage as a result.

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