CRM Customer Engagement 

​In an ever evolving and competitive business world, Customer interactions and engagement management across multiple channels is key.

It is essential to develop and maintain an effective and personalised CRM customer relationship management System.



CRM Customer Engagement Solutions

When evaluating CRM Customer Engagement Solutions, you need to ensure the CRM  solutions cover the all of the key areas of best practice customer relationship management processes including:


  • Sales Development & Sales Pipeline Building
  • Digital Marketing Campaign Automation
  • Customer Service
  • Project Service Automation
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Improving the customer experience,
  • Customise and nurture the relationship
  • Customer Retention
  • Identify New Customer Acquisition opportunities
  • Deliver Business Intelligence Analytics Insights into the Customers’ Interactions & engagement and much more…

How to Build a CRM Customer Engagement Centric business Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

At ProStrategy, our Customer Centric Consultants tailor each CRM Project to our Customer’s unique project requirements. We deliver our CRM Solutions through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology platform.  We tailor each CRM project implementation to ensure you have access to the latest CRM Customer Centric solutions. 

This Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM functionality is further enhanced through the fully integrated ClickDimensions Digital Marketing Automation add-on.

Click Here to Discover the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions

Click Here to Discover the ClickDimensions Digital Marketing Campaign Automation Solutions

CRM Customer Engagement  Solutions 

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