Hundreds of Meetings, Thousands of Phone Calls

Hundreds of Meetings, Thousands of Phone Calls

ProStrategy say farewell to our esteemed colleague, James Parker on his Retirement

James Parker

On the occasion of my retirement after nearly 20 years, it seems like a good time to reflect on some of the highlights of my time at ProStrategy.

Of course when I joined Colman Computer Services, as the company was then called, the primary focus of the company was CP (ERP)  with a little CODA (Financials) and Cognos (Analytics). That status has changed dramatically to one where CP is a minor part of the business relative to NAV, Analytics and CRM.

The first major change in my time was the arrival of our General Manager in 2001, and after a period of upheaval and departures, I was appointed to the role of Finance Manager.  Another major milestone came in 2005 with the retirement of our then MD, Dick Mackessy and the subsequent takeover of the company by John Coleman and Daire Rogers, both of whom were long term employees.

While a replacement for CP had been looked for a few years, NAV was selected shortly after the take-over and this gave the company a new focus.  Not all was plain sailing with the loss of Coda (viewed as a competitor to NAV) and the systems maintenance contract with Teagasc which put the business under pressure for a period time.

After a number of years steadily growing the business and at the height of the recession in 2009 Colman merged with ProStrategy and this gave the combined entity, ProStrategy Colman, a country wide presence.  The ending of the recession can be seen in the last 2 years and there are exciting times ahead with new products, new clients and new people.  I will miss the excitement but would like to wish ProStrategy continued success for the future.

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