Why Data Performance Matters

To incorporate real-time analytical insights into business processes and systems – you must provide a scalable, integrated high-performance Data infrastructure to make it easier for organisations to extract the full value from your data to accelerate performance-intensive analytics.

  • Big data volumes
  • Increasingly complex analytic workloads
  • Growing user communities
  • Business requirements for real-time operation …..

These are just a few of the challenges IT, Data and Analytics Departments face.  The good news is that a high-performance data & analytics infrastructure is helping data-driven organisations meet these challenges, achieve speed – and scale as needed AND delivering Key Performance Insights to help make Better, Faster & more Accurate Decisions.

Top 10 priorities for a High-Performance Data & Analytics Infrastructure:

(Excerpts From the TDWI – The Data Warehousing Institute Best Practice Report – High-Performance Data Warehouse Report).  This quick guide will help you determine your business needs and technology requirements). 

High-performance data warehouse solutions abound, but there are a few things you need to know to ensure success. Here are some of the top 10 priorities to consider when implementing a high-performance data & analytics infrastructure platform:

  • Enable new business practices based on high-performance business intelligence (BI) data warehousing (DW), data integration and analytics. 
  • Make real-time operation your first priority for high-performance data warehousing.
  • Make scalability your second priority. 
  • Hardware: Use it, but don’t abuse it. 
  • Select database platforms and analytics tools that are designed for high performance. 
  • Rely on specialised platform and tool functionality for certain performance gains.
  • Consider the many new architectures that boost performance. 
  • Keep your performance optimisation skills sharp and current.
  • Design and develop with high performance in mind. 
  • Develop and apply a technology strategy for high-performance data warehousing.


Click Here to read the tdwi-best-practices-report-high-performance-data-warehousing..This quick guide will help you determine your business needs and data & analytics technology requirements….. 

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