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GDPR has begun and you have probably come across the following question: how to contact potential customers without being exposed to GDPR penalties that can reach 4% of annual revenue?  The simple answer is to make your prospects contact you. Using techniques based on social selling you can develop integrated marketing actions to attract the interest of these potential customers, engaging them and nurturing their interests until the eventual sale.

Social Selling Cycle

The general strategy presented below is based on the concepts of social selling and consists of:

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Create Attractive Content and Promote on Digital Channels

Events and Webinars

Events and Webinars are a great way to promote your business. They can be performed without the need for large investments. Company professionals can produce interesting content for their potential customers with little more than a laptop with camera, microphone, online services for webinars, a little time and dedication.
With Dynamics 365 (CRM) and Click Dimensions, you can advertise your event on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and ask your employees to share this information to reach a wider audience. This content may contain a registration link that directs the attendee to your website hence capturing the details of those wishing to attend the event. Microsoft Dynamics 365 also allows you to send the event server link and ClickDimensions has connectors to store this information and automate other actions as reminders. A satisfaction survey may be completed and submitted through Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions at which point the participant can opt in to receive email marketing material.

Free Ebooks or Guides

Websites can be automated to send collateral

Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions can capture customer information and automate the sending of the desired material to the prospect and manage potential customer email marketing subscriptions lists.

Free Ebooks or Guides are a good way to collect potential data from customers. You can automate your website to redirect the potential customer to a form in your website and collect their data in compliance to GDPR.

Cases – Story Teller

With Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions, your company can post customer stories and testimonials on social networks and direct potential customers to your website while capturing their data in a legal and authorized way.

Capture Potential on Website or Phone

Interactive WebSite – Improves Visitor Engagement

A smart website capable of interacting with the visitor is fundamental. You can promote your website using SSE features on search engines such as Google and but each visit should be valued.

Chat online and off-line on your WebSite

With Dynamics 365 and ZenDesk, your website viewer can interact with your company when they visit your website. Your company can capture your data and conversation history for further contact with the potential customer who has expressed interest and authorized contact. This conversation history can generate an occurrence in the CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions can capture each page visited by the prospect in a way that allows their sales team to better understand that customer’s interests and to direct the sales pitch. Your marketing team can create campaigns like email marketing based on the customers who have visited certain pages, for example, the promotion of a product.

Forms to collect data from your WebSite

With Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions, your visitor can interact to request a contact through a form and in doing so opts in to receive future communication.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automate Actions to Nurturing Interest

Email marketing campaign

Once your potential client has authorized you to contact. You can direct email marketing campaigns and feed up the nurturing sales cycle by keeping the potential customer engaged.

Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions can detect whether your customer has opened an email, clicked on a link or promotion and manage the subscription in their marketing lists automatically, keeping your company compliant with GDPR requirements.


Using Dynamics 365 (CRM) and ClickDimensions your company automates actions depending on the customer’s interaction such as sending an email to the prospect when he clicks on a link and completes a form to order an eBook that has been posted for download on your website. Automation is critical to keeping the customer engaged and reducing internal efforts and reducing costs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Evaluate your Actions

The famous statement “What cannot be measured cannot be managed” also applies to the marketing actions of your company. Dynamics 365 (CRM) and Click Dimensions allow you to measure the results of your campaigns and evaluate ROI, take corrective actions and redirect your marketing actions when needed to optimize your investments and increase your sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Dynamics 365, ClickDimensions and ZenDesk you will have support for all marketing activities in order to improve your sales process through a potential customer generation compliant to GDPR, minimizing penalties risks.

Get in touch with our Dynamics 365 Consultants to see how Dynamics 365 for Marketing and Click Dimensions can help your business.

Written by Ubirajara Segura, Dynamics 365 Consultant

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