Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the Food & Drink Industry

Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the Food & Drink Industry

SI Foodware NAV combined with Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a complete end-to-end business software solution for Food & Beverage distributors and processors.

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Customer Reference

The core business of Shannon Meats is Importing Irish beef in The Netherlands. They choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV in combination with SI Foodware as their new ERP solution. This Dynamics ERP add-on provides key food specific functionality, such as labelling, scale connections, product specifications, catchweight items, RF-scanning, quality control and EDI.


An integrated EDI module is essential for Shannon Meats as they distribute to retail. John den Dulk, Co-owner of Shannon Meats: “EDI is an obligation from the retail. On a daily basis we receive 100 to 150 EDI orders. It takes too much time to call all those locations and enter all these orders manually. EDI just takes ten minutes to finish all the printing. If you would have to do this manually, entering, calling, it would take you more than half a day.


The big advance is the enormous amount of saved time. We really came down from multiple hours and employees to just 15 minutes. The only downside of EDI in our view is that there is no less contact with the customer, or the butcher or whatever. That does not outweigh the very high time benefits that EDI brings.

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