LS NAV for Retail

LS NAV for Retail

To ensure business growth in retail you must be supported by a business management and POS system that can cater to the ever changing needs of your customers

Retailing with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Technology plays a vital role in helping retailers capitalise on growth opportunities and respond to the market pressures of today and tomorrow.  In an ever increasing customer-centric world, retailers need the tools to allow them to react to the constantly changing needs of the customer. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is that primary tool.



How can Dynamics NAV Help my Retail Business?

  • Meet Customer Demand+

    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps retailers identify changing customer demands by providing real-time visibility into inventory availability and increased power over stock control helping you meet demands in an timely, efficient manner while driving service excellence and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Better Margin Control+

    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps retailers make the most of capital expenditures by tightly tracking merchandise performance to ensure you maximise productivity and margins. With NAV, automate the review of cost and sales pricing for current and future sales allowing you to have greater control over margins at all levels from quotes to invoices.
  • Improve Customer Service+

    • Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps retailers respond to and address customers queries quickly using custom module that ProStratgey have built like the help-desk, increasing customer satisfaction.

LS NAV - A flexible and scalable POS solution with powerful retail management capabilities

LS NAV integrates with Dynamics NAV and is a powerful POS system that fits any type of Retailer, from fashion to groceries and more.

LS NAV is light, quick to learn and extremely resilient. It brings great benefits to retailers of all sizes – from statups, to small and medium retailers, to larger business which can take advantage of the full power of the platform.  Serve your customers faster and better, manage your stores more effectively and plan your business future with a suite of reporting tools.

LS NAV is the EPOS solution of choice for many of the world’s top brands including H&M, Adidas, Nike, Duty Free and many more.  LS NAV allows you to provide faster customer service, offer promotions and loyalty programs, manage your stock more effectively and evaluate your business’s performance thanks to a suite of reporting and analysis tools built seamlessly into the product. Enjoy superior levels of performance: our POS terminals can work both online and offline so that you do not have to worry about connectivity problems or outages caused by internet disruptions.

How can LS NAV Help my Retail Business?

  • Improve your Bottom Line+

    LS NAV can give you better control over your business thanks to its fast and powerful features. With LS NAV you will be able to:

    • Streamline and oversee your inventory at any time
    • Easily manage your stock by organizing your products into departments and groups
    • Create discounts and prices with a click for groups or sub-groups of products
    • Save time at the organizational level with our easy-to-use, intuitive system
  • Satisfy your Customers and Increase Retention+

    LS NAV will be your powerful ally in guaranteeing outstanding customer service. Impress your customers and insure repeat business by:

    • Speeding up your check-out lines
    • Managing offers and discounts at the POS · Offering loyalty programs with customized special offers
    • Handling exchanges, returns and voids fast and easily
    • Accepting multiple payments types, including cash, card and foreign currency
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV+

    LS NAV can be connected to Microsoft Dynamics NAV through its intelligent integration architecture. Use LS NAV as your front office, to handle your sales and customer-facing tasks. Thanks to the seamless flow of data from the ERP to the POS system you can rest assured that the POS will always have the most updated information on items, prices and discounts. Sales information also flows automatically from the POS to your ERP system, ensuring that your key business data is always correct and up-to-date.

LS NAV from ProStrategy & Positive System Solutions

Dynamics NAV & LS One: ERP For Retail

To ensure business growth in retail you must be supported by a business management and POS system that can cater to the ever changing needs of your customers

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