The Covid-19 virus has changed the way organisations relate to and manage their workforce across the world. With whole workforce’s now working from home, this requires a different approach and a different set of tools.

Many businesses have already implemented video conference platforms to enable both internal and external communication. The rationale behind that is clear. Where do HR platforms fit in this new world? ProStrategy are working with Exelsys the leading HCM solution provider to support customers adapt.

Organisation wide communications

One of Exelsys’ retail customer had to inform all employees with less than 12 hours’ notice to stop stores from opening the following morning and to confirm new remote working patters or plans for furlough across the business based on roles and responsibilities.

How could they do that simply? It was achieved using Exelsys because, for one, it was the central repository for all employee data. This is an excellent use case.

Running HR Remotely

There are many aspects of HR that can and should be available remotely. This ranges from the straightforward processes of booking holidays, reporting absence, publishing shift patterns, reviewing payslips and, from time to time, running appraisals and possibly even disciplinary issues.

All this now needs to be done remotely with the same accuracy and availability as when organisations were based in offices. Exelsys facilitates all of the above.

Accessibility, Consistency & Data Protection

A remote workforce needs to self-serve and get access to organisational information, including their own personal data. This needs to be done in a safe, consistent way – with sensitive personal information, including personal documents – held and accessed securely. That means encryption of data in the platform both when it is held but also when someone accesses it remotely.

Not only is this good practice but it conforms with GDPR legislation too.

Compliance and Training

New working models require new training, and the digital delivery of training content and tracking of compliance against organisational requirements. Exelsys includes native training management capabilities to book courses, confirm attendance and manage resources and costs.

The integration between Exelsys and Qintil enables courses to be delivered online, and for learners and managers alike to easily prove and manage compliance.

Changing expectations

How is HR going to support and enable workers when they are all working away from the office? There will be more emphasis on setting objectives and reporting against these regularly. From the simplest process of managing attendance (remote clocking in / out) to ensuring performance and monitoring health will all become more challenging.

Having an objective, centralised way of collecting, holding and managing employee information will be extremely important. Not least because managers will be working remotely too.

Next steps

Exelsys is a cloud-based HR platform that includes native apps for smartphones. We can undertake remote implementation for organisations with ten employees upwards and have infrastructure in place within days.

If you would like to know more or have a remote demo of the platform, then email or call 01 429 1977



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