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 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/Nav Enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Enterprise Resource Planning

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft, the leader in productivity software has created a cloud or software as a service (SaaS) version of Dynamics NAV – its hugely successful ERP solution. This new SaaS offering is called Dynamics 365 Business Central. Business Central is Dynamics NAV offered as a cloud based solution.  With over 140,000 customers and 2.7 million+ users worldwide, Dynamics NAV has the largest install base of any of the Dynamics products. Users like the robust reporting due to the availability of dimensions which is a key feature of NAV, and now Business Central, but not available in other similar ERP systems. Financials, Supply Chain Management, Inventory, Distribution, and Manufacturing round out the key modules that drive such a large customer base.

Business owners like the flexibility of deployment: Dynamics NAV for on-premise and Dynamics Business Central for the Cloud/SaaS. The Microsoft Cloud provides reliability, security, redundancy, compliance and more, which reduces companies’ overhead costs. The Microsoft Cloud allows business owners to focus on what they do best, rather than worrying about servers and licensing.  Complete integration to Office 365 and the ability to export and import from Excel (subject to security rules) make Dynamics 365 Business Central easy to use software for end users.

LS Central for Retail

LS Central (formerly LS Nav) is a unified commerce software solution build on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  Control all your business processes, including purchasing, warehouses, CRM, store sales, distribution, franchises and financials, in one platform. Centrally manage products, prices, campaigns, offers and more for all your physical locations, e-commerce and m-commerce sites. Get a comprehensive view of your enterprise and a 360-degree picture of your customers by maintaining all your core business information in one, centralized database. Manage all your retail and food service verticals across your enterprise within one solution with deep industry functionality.

What are the functional differences between LS Nav and LS Central?  LS Central has all the functionality of LS Nav including point of sale, store management and Head Office with purchasing, logistics and financial accounting but LS Central brings developed Omni-channel support. Retailers are now able to comfortably operate all sales channels with just one software, without resulting in friction losses through interfaces or duplicate data maintenance.

LS Central Retail ERP & POS
Foood & Drink Processors & Distrbutors Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

Foodware 365

The food industry has a lot of challenges to chew on. Every challenge, in every sector in the food industry, requires a technological solution. Insight and control in all your processes is therefore an important measure. The consumer, the retailer and the laws and regulations are becoming stricter and, as a food company, you have to continuously meet those requirements and demands. As experts in food and IT, we have integrated all aspects of your food business in one complete solution, Foodware 365.

The world is changing and the pace of change is only increasing. The more flexible you organize your business, the better you can respond to change. And the better and faster you can respond to market changes, government requirements and technological innovations, the better you are able to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Joining these continuous innovations can be very easy thanks to the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud. The insights gained by allowing ERP to enter into the power of the cloud and the predictive intelligence that we can activate with it will make your company successful in the ever-moving food market. This solution is called Foodware 365.

Why upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018?

Microsoft will support Dynamics NAV 2018 until at least January 2023. As an added bonus, upgrading to Dynamics NAV 2018 ensures a seamless transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central (on premises/hosted edition) or cloud version



Greater integration with business applications

Dynamics NAV 2018 can be integrated with Office 365 and other business applications. This will provide users with a comprehensive set of business tools with the familiar Office interface. For SMBs, this represents a complete business solution.


Improved customization

Dynamics NAV 2018 provides improved capability to support Extensions. This makes it easier to customize the application because all customizations are going to become Dynamics NAV Extensions.


Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Dynamics NAV 2018 incorporates Artificial Intelligence and advanced algorithms to support cognitive services and high levels of automation.


Interaction with Microsoft Flow

Dynamics NAV 2018 interacts with Microsoft Flow. This enables users to create and automate workflows across multiple applications and services, improving productivity and efficiency.


Workspace personalization

Users can customize their Dynamics NAV 2018 workspace to match their job function and personal preferences. This can improve productivity and user experience.


Data sharing with CRM systems

Users can share data seamlessly between Dynamics NAV 2018 and their CRM (customer relationship management) system. This ensures customer information is consistent across both systems.


REST API extended

Dynamics NAV 2018 has simplified integration of third-party applications and services with a new feature for REST API. The interface provides access to 44 business entities covering core sales and financial information.


Report preview

To speed up reporting, users can now generate and preview content directly in Dynamics NAV 2018.


Improved cheque printing

Modification of the printing format in Dynamics NAV 2018 allows users to print three cheques per page.


Pre-configured Excel reports

Dynamics NAV 2018 incorporates a new option in the Business Manager and Accountant Role Centers – preconfigured Excel reports. Users can easily open and review financial statements created in Excel.


Larger EC Sales Lists reports

Users can now submit longer EC Sales List reports with more than 9999 lines.



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