LS Central

LS Central (formerly LS Nav) is a unified commerce software solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Cut costs, save time – Simplify your IT environment | Reduce complexity | Cut software and system administration costs | Say goodbye to inconsistent financial data | Gain centralized control over prices, inventory, offers, orders, customers and product content | Access all the vital business information you need, exactly when you need it.


Increase customer retention – Get clear, real-time information on your customers’ habits, preferences and behaviors | Offer personalized deals, promotions, and customer interactions | Optimize your upselling and cross-selling | Align pricing and replenishment to actual demand | Create effective loyalty programs


Optimize your operations – Maintain total control over your enterprise | Optimize staff management and improve performance | Lower inventory levels by up to 35% | Reduce workload with automations | Decrease stock-outs and boost customer retention | Analyze your vendor performance | Achieve your profit targets

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Empower your employees

  • Give customers all the information they need, close sales and perform inventory tasks anywhere in store: the Point of Sale runs on any type of device.
  • Engage shoppers and help them discover new items with the system’s conversational commerce tools.
  • Target customers’ desires with AI-powered product recommendations at the POS.
  • Enable your staff to quickly find the information they need with the system’s role-based view.
  • Easily move employees across departments: the same system, with the same interface, is used in the front and back of store, across retail and hospitality.

Reduce risk

  • Reduce manual work and mistakes with the system’s automations.
  • See your business data in real time, and take timely, informed decisions.
  • Oversee your whole enterprise within one centralized platform.
  • Cut IT costs: fewer systems means fewer integrations to set up and maintain.
  • Easily track your KPIs in the advanced Business Intelligence tools.
  • Run the system on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution. You choose.

Delight modern customers

  • Create a smooth customer journey with a consistent look and feel, no matter the channel.
  • Deliver relevant, timely and personalized offers and product recommendations across all touchpoints.
  • Offer flexible services such as click & collect, online inventory visibility and returns across channels.
  • Run loyalty programs that reward consumers across the channels.

For global players and local needs

  • Easily configure the system to comply with different legal and fiscal requirements.
  • Get a real-time overview of all your locations from HQ.
  • Centrally manage pricing, items, campaigns, offers and promotions.
  • Unify your business processes across channels, industries and regions.

Run your whole business with one unified commerce software platform

Retail Point of Sale Software

Extend the Point of Sale (POS) terminal from a simple sales device to a sales assistant where your employees can view up-to-date inventory, check product details, deliver personalized service, access product recommendations, order items, and close sales.

Product Management

Centrally manage and update products, prices and offers for all your sales channels. Assigning dimensions to items helps you understand which colors, sizes and styles are most popular for each product, so you can reorder the right variants. Create offers and promotions centrally for all of your sales locations, or just for specific stores.

Inventory Management

Manage your stock optimally, minimizing inventory while reducing stock-outs, with a mix of manual and automated replenishment tools.

Workforce Management

Maximize your staff productivity and satisfaction. Plan and distribute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours, and gain a clear overview of timetabling, costs, and budget requirements.

Reporting & Analysis

Reduce shrinkage and prevent losses using the real-time insights into your business’s key financials. In addition to the built-in reporting and analyzing tools, you can enhance your system with extra Business Intelligence (BI) functionality to get an even deeper insights into your business data.


Deliver a consistent shopping experience across all your sales channels. All information on items, prices and discounts is maintained in the LS Central retail management system which seamlessly communicates with your eCommerce platform. This makes sure that your online store always contains up-to-date product information, as well as allow to easily order special, out-of-stock and customized items.

The complete unified commerce experience for your retail business delivered by ProStrategy and Positive Systems Solutions 

Stop using a different IT systems for each separate side of your retail business.
Don’t struggle with complicated integration and platforms that don’t communicate properly.
Say no to unclear data, uncontrolled costs, and no real overview of the customer journey.
Meet LS Central, a unified commerce software solution build on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

LS Central is the unified commerce system that helps you keep it all under control. It’s one system that replaces all the separate platforms you are using now. All data is collected in one central place, so you can track sales, stock and productivity in real time, in all your locations, from the back office. With LS Central you can finally know your business and your customers, and create experiences they will love.

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