Exelsys Human Capital Management

Revolutionise how you manage your employees

Exelsys HCM is an innovative HR solution that is cost effective, easy to use and will help you to grow.  It revolutionises the way your organisation works – automating and streamlining key processes, such as holiday approvals, expenses, training requests, appraisals etc. With self-service access – available anywhere, any time from any smart device – this secure system will dramatically reduce the administrative burden for you and your colleagues and help you to improve productivity and reduce costs.


Hassle Free, Easy to use - Get high adoption rates with a clean easy to use interface with dashboards and powerful analytical tools to generate real-time reports and data visualisations, on demand.


Use DataMart to analyse your data locally - With Exelsys DataMart, you do not have to worry that your data is in the cloud because it will  keep a replicated synchronised copy of your data locally. This can also be used for extended analysis and reporting with local reporting and BI tools.


Mobile Access - In today’s fast moving agile and demanding business environment, it is critical to be able to work while on the move. With Exelsys Mobile you can extend the use of HR to employees who do not have access to their own computer such as blue collar workers.

Exelsys helps you simplify Human Capital Management

Track and Analyse Employee Information

  • Single cloud based system accessible 24/7
  • Supports Group structures and multi-country operations
  • Dashboards provide at a glance a view into your data
  • Keep track of a wide range of employee details
  • Self-service for all your staff according to their role
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Configurable and customisable
  • Easily export data
  • Use the DataMart to analyse your data
  • Comprehensive Audit trail
  • Works with all browsers
  • Data Multi-lingual

Find and recruit top talent

  • Managers can request new vacancies online
  • Applicants can apply online
  • Tracks a wide range of applicant data
  • Online Interview assessment
  • Get notified when new candidates apply online
  • Publish Vacancies Internally
  • Define minimum requirements for a position
  • Tools to help you shortlist applicants and carry out the selection process
  • Schedule Interviews and send calendar invitations
  • Notify applicants about the status of their application
  • Forward job applications to other parties to review
  • Powerful text searching within applicant documents

Manage Organisation Structures and Positions

  • Freedom in developing your organisational structure
  • Define the positions within your organisation
  • Set headcount and salary budgets by position
  • Keep track of the position history of your staff
  • Generate Organisation Charts
  • Multiple positions for each employee
  • Create your own user fields
  • Easily export data
  • Record Salaries and Benefits
  • Define a salary range for each position
  • Import Salary information from Excel
  • Automatic Salary Increases

Employee Absence Management

  • Define any number of different absence types
  • Set up the rules for entitled holiday leave
  • User Defined Approval Workflows
  • Self-service for all your staff using an intuitive interface
  • Approve through emails
  • Empower Managers to Monitor their Employees Absences
  • Record request for Absences, Overtime and Travelling Abroad
  • Delegate Approvals
  • Identify Employees with disruptive behaviour
  • Allow designated employees to enter requests on behalf of others
  • Attach documents to leave requests

Performance Management

  • Create Corporate and Departmental Goals and automatically assign them to your workforce
  • Employees can create individual goals
  • Monitor Goals on an on-going basis
  • Foster greater employee engagement
  • Simplify your review process
  • Identify your top performers
  • You can have any number of appraisal cycles
  • Self-Appraisals and 360 reviews
  • Improve Employee Retention
  • Analytics helps you visualise your data
  • Compare Employee Performance
  • Provide Managers with the tools to manage their staff’s Performance


  • Create any number of surveys
  • Survey Questions
  • Create and re-use Survey Templates
  • Distribute the Survey
  • User Definable email templates
  • Employees can send anonymous responses
  • Real time reporting
  • Analyse responses to a greater level of detail
  • Get feedback also external parties

Employee Expenses

  • Enter Expenses from any device
  • Easily attach receipts and invoices
  • Analyse your expenses
  • Configurable approval workflows
  • ERP Integration
  • Import Credit Card Transactions
  • Multi-currency
  • Analyse expenses to a greater level of detail
  • Export to Excel

Payroll Consolidation

  • Easily Interface with other Payroll Systems
  • Interface Directly or through Excel
  • Interface your HR system with multiple legal entities
  • Employees can view their payroll details
  • Consolidate Different Payroll Systems
  • Import Payroll Lists from Excel
  • Automatic Currency Conversion

Why choose Exelsys HCM?

Cloud Based

Software delivered as a service over the internet frees you to focus on your business

Streamline processes

Helps you to streamline administrative tasks and enables you to focus on strategic business initiatives

One Unified System

Integrates all areas of human resource management

Supports International Operations

Multi-currency and multi-language supports multi-country structures with different rules and workflows for each country

Analyse and Visualise Data

Analyse employee data with the integrated Business Intelligence module and external tools like Microsoft PowerBI tools

Role Based

Allows you to grant to users the functions and processes according to their role within the organisation

Automated Alerts

The Alerts module helps you to easily set up notifications via email based on data within the system

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