Finance Transformation Analytics within the Irish Corporate Market PoV

This Point of View (PoV) Paper provides ProStrategy’s perspective on why Irish Finance functions are changing, and the practical steps they are taking to modernise.

ProStrategy has been delivering Data Analytics, FPM Analytics ERP & CRM solutions to Irish Corporates for 30+ years. Our Team of 50+ Consultants have delivered solutions to 150+ Irish Corporates across all sectors.

Next Steps:

In conjunction with this PoV Paper – we are carrying out a brief Market Research Survey to assess where organisations are on their transformation journey.   All Participants will receive a copy of  the survey findings upon completion.  Please complete the survey and download the PoV Paper.

Where is your organisation on its Finance Transformation journey?  

This survey is exploring the aspiration of the Irish Finance community and the obstacles which currently impede change.  Please rate where your Finance function is today and where it wants to be on the following dimensions:

  • Is Finance helping shape and drive the strategic agenda…

  • Is finance leading the use of data & analytics within organisation

  • How would you rate your finance team’s data and analytics skills?

  • Does the budgeting, forecasting process link financial & operational KPIs?

  • Do monthly Management/ Exec reports include variance analysis linked to operational KPIs?

  • How many days does it take to close each month?

  • What percentage of your data processes are automated?

  • How much of you team’s analysis is done in XL?

  • What percentage of reporting combines financial & narrative elements?

  • How confident are you that financial and narrative data in 100% in sync?

  • Are the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation and AI being considered in finance?

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