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Do you know precisely where your products are sourced – and from what? These days, consumers want to know for sure if all the food they consume is truly healthy, clean, safe and of the highest quality. In addition, they keep an eye on where these products come from. Monitoring and managing food safety and quality is therefore of eminent importance.

Comply with strict laws and regulations

As a food company, you have to deal with rigid planning and deadlines, because fresh ingredients are at stake and they are subject to stringent legal provisions. Consider quality labels for General Food Law, IFS, HACCP and ISO9001/22000. To be able to operate quickly, accurately and efficiently, all quality-related issues must be managed within a reliable software system. The quality modules in Foodware 365 have been designed in such a way that they comply with the unique requirements of your business and production processes.

A selection of the modules provided with food quality and safety


  • Registration of product specifications
    The software makes use of the most advanced registration of product specifications. You enter the raw material specifications once only, and Foodware 365 subsequently calculates the product specifications automatically. In other words: preventing errors and saving a lot of work! Accompanying packaging labels inclusive of allergen and ingredient verification statements are generated automatically.


  • Tracking & Tracing
    In the event of a recall, the remaining batches of the product in question are blocked automatically and the Track & Trace procedure can start. Foodware 365 helps you trace the product both up and down the line, after which you can inform the customers and suppliers concerned. In this way, issues can be addressed and resolved and the image of your food company protected.


  • Qualitative inspection status
    Not only do you want to be able to trace your products from a quantitative perspective, but you also want to do so from a qualitative inspection status. An inspection status of this nature indicates what can be done with a particular batch and how that can be undertaken. This could be a quality control, for example. An inspection status facilitates sampling as well as standard verification. On the basis of certain supplier or article characteristics, the system generates a proposal to conduct a sample.


  • Quality control
    Every food company has to deal with a range of quality assurance systems (including HACCP and European Food Law), whereby a range of registrations need to be dealt with. Logistics chains need to be integrated to facilitate product traceability and to intervene effectively in the event of a calamity. Foodware 365 enables you to adhere demonstrably to all your customers’ quality requirements.


  • Handling non-conformances
    As a food organisation, you have to deal occasionally with non-conformances; those expressed by customers to suppliers, but also internal non-conformances. It is of the essence to handle these non-conformances with all due care by following standard procedures. The non-conformance module allows all non-conformances to be dealt with in a consistent and structured manner.
Join our Webinar on the 16th October where we will demonstrate Foodware 365 – an industry solution leader that manages the key challenges facing the food & drink production and wholesale industry in Ireland.


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