Human Capital Management from Exelsys

Exelsys Human Capital Management is an innovative HR solution that is cost effective, easy to use and will help you to grow by automating and streamlining key processes, such as holiday approvals, expenses, training requests, appraisals etc.



Hassle Free, Easy to use - Get high adoption rates with a clean easy to use interface with dashboards and powerful analytical tools to generate real-time reports and data visualisations, on demand.


Use DataMart to analyse your data locally - With Exelsys DataMart, you do not have to worry that your data is in the cloud because it will  keep a replicated synchronised copy of your data locally. This can also be used for extended analysis and reporting with local reporting and BI tools.


Mobile Access - In today’s fast moving agile and demanding business environment, it is critical to be able to work while on the move. With Exelsys Mobile you can extend the use of HR to employees who do not have access to their own computer such as blue collar workers.

Exelsys helps you simplify Human Capital Management

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