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Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics has packed a lot into the latest major release of Cognos Analytics (11.1) that it would be difficult to do them all justice here. But this is a short list of some additional features that are going to help people advance their use of analytics and data science, and begin moving the needle for their organisations:

  • Storytelling – enables users to create an interactive narrative by assembling result visualisations into a sequence, and then enhance the sequence with media, web pages, images, shapes, and text. Once created, the “story” will be automatically kept up to date thanks to dynamic connectivity to the underlying data;
  • Smart exploration – is designed to help users better understand what’s behind the results by analysing the selected data using machine learning and pattern detection;
  • Automated Visualisations – the system will recommend the most useful visualisation for the selected data through a multi-stage recommendation system; it will also provide quick access to alternative ways to visualise the data, along with related visualisations, that provide quick insights to info related to the visualization you’re looking at;
  • Reusable Content – the system quickly assembles new content by re-using relevant components from existing dashboards and reports, saving time;
  • Advanced Analytics – this includes predictive analytics; the ability to identify data patterns and the key variables driving a particular outcome; smart annotation, which automatically annotates a visualization to draw your attention to key insights the system identifies; and natural language generated-insights of your data.

Analytics, data science and business intelligence, have become table stakes in the business world. They’re part of the fundamental building blocks, or rungs in the ladder to AI.   IBM have worked hard to make these sophisticated, complicated technologies easy to access, easy to use, and easy to comprehend for just about any – all via the IBM Cloud or on-premise.

What’s new in IBM Cognos Analytics Data Exploration & Discovery?

Bring Your Data to Life

IBM Cognos Analytics – Business Intelligence Reporting & Analysis

Prepare your data

  • Access corporate and uploaded files, such as spreadsheets and .CSV files
  • Quickly find the data sources you need using Natural Language
  • Verify and combine data sources with automated modeling

Explore your data

  • Visual data exploration and ​​​​​​professional reporting in a unified environment
  • Smart visualizations — the system recommends the best chart type based on the data selected
  • Embedded geospatial-mapping capabilities in the dashboarding and reporting function

Share your data

  • Single interface, cloud-based or on-premises, over desktop, laptops or mobile devices
  • Schedule reports, burst to thousands of users, or enable users to subscribe to reports
  • Combine charts into a story with overlays, voiceovers and interactive elements to share


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