What are the first three things that implementing HR software is going to do for you in lockdown and post lockdown?


The next twelve months are going to be both important and difficult for organisations as they try to survive and thrive in the new business environment. Working from home is going to be a feature for many months to come. This will result in additional pressures to ensure staff have support, can access back office systems and their welfare can be tracked quickly and accurately.

Making quick and simple changes to cope with lockdown will transform how organisations can be effective with a workforce that is remotely located in the medium & long term. Focusing on the important things will be vital and one of these is taking care of your staff.

Ability to manage all staff across multiple locations

Working from home is not going to disappear anytime soon. As a result, HR will struggle to manage employees across multiple locations. Nobody will have procedures or consistency, making for an administrative nightmare whenever you need access to information on an individual.

How would implementing Exelsys help?

All of your documents, employee files, contracts and all HR related processes are stored securely online in one central location. HR has one single repository of information that is accurate, up-to-date and consistent. Processes are unified and streamlined. It also means that your employees can self-serve and manage their own HR requests, rather than bombarding HR with simple tasks.

The simple HR tasks absorb all the time available
Some of the most labour-intensive of tasks that overwhelm HR departments are often the simplest. Managing holiday requests, on-boarding new employees, sending contracts and other basic admin tasks. HR managers spend over 30% of their time on admin tasks.Just now, you want your HR team to be focusing on the key business issues and keeping employees productive, safe and well.

How would implementing Exelsys help?
Good HR software significantly reduces the administration burden. It automates processes and brings routine, time-consuming tasks like recruitment, on-boarding, routine admin and performance reviews online. And your processes and information will all be secure.

Wasting time collating reports by hand
It’s a lengthy process to collate information by hand and build reports. And, because it is hand-built, it typically has errors included. Organisations need to be data-driven and Directors or Managers will not accept reports with faults.

How would implementing Exelsys help?
Using Exelsys means you get over 100 reports out of the box. These reports cover all aspects of your HR activity and should give an HR department all the information they need.


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