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Microsoft Azure Solutions

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Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centres. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications and frameworks of your choice. Get services such as Data Analyitics and Datawhouse – all in a managed, secure and scalable environment. Bring together data from different locations, find insights, and ignite your business with data warehousing. – build your Azure SQL data warehousing solution on a fast, flexible, and trusted platform.

Microsoft Azure Solutions 

Microsoft Azure SQL Datawarehouse – Quickly implement a high-performance, globally available and secure cloud data warehouse. Azure SQL Data Warehouse lets you independently scale compute and storage, while pausing and resuming your data warehouse within minutes through a massively parallel processing architecture designed for the cloud. Seamlessly create your hub for Data Analytics along with native connectivity with data integration and data visualisation services, while using your existing SQL and Business Intelligence skills.

Microsoft Azure Data Warehouse offers regulatory compliance, built-in advanced security features and data sovereignty so you can build a data warehouse that meets your business needs. 

Microsoft Azure SQL Server is a  data analytics management platform that enables organisations to benefit from its data rich resources. –  from in-memory performance and advanced security to in-database analytics – Microsoft Azure SQL Server enables you to build intelligent, mission-critical applications.  Microsoft Azure SQL Server delivers breakthrough performance, real-time operational analytics and deeper Business Insights across your data.  Forecast sales, predict customer behaviour and identify hidden business trends with advanced Analytics. Bring your data to life with powerful data rich visualisation reporting dashboards.

Business Insights from any data – Support any scale of data, workloads, and users. Bring together relational and non-relational data and add governance across data lakes and data assets.

The data warehouse you want – The Azure SQL Analytics Platform System is the flexible data warehouse appliance that grows with your data needs. Stretch and archive your data storage to the cloud using Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and implement a hub-and-spoke architecture to grow with your user base.  

Microsoft and IBM Data Analytics Solutions & Services

Our partnerships with both Microsoft and IBM offer some of the world’s deepest and broadest Data Analytics Platforms and Industry solutions as well as offering ProStrategy custom-built Reporting Accelerators, enabled by Microsoft Power BI and IBM Cognos Planning Analytics technology.   Accelerate your Business Transformation with the right Business Intelligence Analytics. 

Data Analytics Solutions enable Companies to drive their Business Transformation. ProStrategy also provide a  comprehensive suite of Data Analytics Consultancy & Support Services -  from Business Consulting to Scoping and Solution Design, Project Management, Implementation and Development Services to Cloud Hosting Services; Customised Training and Help-desk & Application Support Services.


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