Microsoft has recently acquired FieldOne Sky for Dynamics CRM – a Field Service Management solution that enables companies to schedule jobs for their customers within Dynamics CRM. The benefit of this purchase to users of Dynamics CRM Online is that this acquisition comes with Dynamics CRM Online for free.  Meaning your business could avail of the solution today and be up and running in no time.


FieldOne Sky offers two points of access; through the browser allowing for your customer care representatives and a mobile application for your service engineers to create, view, update and close open jobs.

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Figure 1.1 Dynamics CRM with FieldOne Sky (Click to enlarge)

As shown in the figure above, you have the ability to create new Work Orders, view the schedule board, view customer assets, and then inventory management. The key benefit with FieldOne is the ability to view a customer’s historical interaction with your company; meaning that from the initial job up to any repairs or upgrades, you have a holistic view of all the parts that have been installed and all jobs that have been performed by your company. This allows for both your customer care representative and your field engineer to know exactly what they are dealing with when they are visiting the customer.

The schedule board allows for your customer care representative to schedule unscheduled jobs and view the status of scheduled jobs. The Schedule board gives a visual representation of those jobs either in a list or map view, as shown below:

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Figure 1.2 – FieldOne Sky Schedule Board (Click to enlarge)

The map is illustrated on the left, with a grey pin representing an unscheduled job, blue meaning scheduled jobs and green representing in progress with red meaning cancelled. The customer care representative or agent can drag and drop the job to the appropriate time slot which can filter based on the type of job and the best suited resource for that job type, and based on their current location/workload.

The mobile app can be configured to render information that is only relevant to your field engineer so that they are not bombarded with unnecessary information. Additionally, the mobile app supports true offline mode so that they are working with real data, not just cached. They can synchronise the data down from Dynamics CRM and work in offline mode, synching data back up when they are in a Wi-Fi area or when they are in an area that supports 3G/4G.

Written by Matthew Seligman, CRM Consultant

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