Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions, On-Premise or in the Cloud

Microsoft SQL Server – Empowering Data-Driven Decision-making  

Microsoft SQL Server Solutions – Bring together data from different locations, find insights, and ignite your business with data warehousing. Whether on-premises, in the cloud, or both—build your data warehousing solution on a fast, flexible, and trusted platform.

Business Intelligence over any data

SQL Server is a hub for data integration. Deliver transformational insights over structured and unstructured data with the power of SQL Server and Spark.

Microsoft SQL Server 

Microsoft SQL Server is a  data analytics management platform that enables organisations to benefit from its data rich resources.  As a scalable, hybrid database platform – from in-memory performance and advanced security to in-database analytics – Microsoft SQLServer  enables you to build intelligent, mission-critical applications.  Microsoft SQL Server delivers breakthrough mission critical in-memory performance, real-time operational analytics and deeper Business Insights across your data. Forecast sales, predict customer behaviour and identify hidden business trends with advanced Analytics. Bring your data to life with powerful data rich visualisation reporting dashboards.  

MS SQL Server Data warehouse – fast and reliable – Start in minutes, load terabytes in hours. Get unlimited scale on any data type with fully managed services built on industry-leading open source innovation.

Modular and flexible – Get in the cloud, stay on-premises, or choose both—it’s up to you. Grow as you need with modular solutions that optimize scaling and cost and connect directly to your preferred tools.

Trusted and familiar – Rest assured you’re building on a platform you can trust with built-in security features, familiar tools, and financially backed SLAs.

Blazing fast performance – Get near-instant insights from your data. Analytics Platform System has the performance of an MPP engine built on top of a world-class relational engine in SQL Server—all coupled with enterprise-class hardware.

Insights from any data – Support any scale of data, workloads, and users. Bring together relational and non-relational data and add governance and federation across on-premises data lakes and data assets.

The data warehouse you want – Analytics Platform System is the flexible data warehouse appliance that grows with your data needs. Stretch and archive your data storage to the cloud using Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and implement a hub-and-spoke architecture to grow with your user base.  

Microsoft Sql Server 2019

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