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As part of our continuing Data Analytics Blog Series (Managed by Aileen Aherne, Marketing Manager @ ProStrategy) – another great read for anyone looking to transform their Enterprise Performance Management Processes.
(Author – Vantana Research White Paper – Improving the Business Value of Planning and Budgeting across the Enterprise)

Spreadsheets have inherent defects that make them a poor choice for collaborative, business-focused planning – Enterprise Planning Reconsidered!

Collaborative enterprise planning is a methodology that connects all planning activities of a company’s departments and business units, enabling them to share their plans and to plan collaboratively. This form of planning uses technology to rapidly assemble, analyse and report plans and budgets as well as compare results to these plans. Embracing collaborative enterprise planning delivers value.

Our Next-Generation Business Planning benchmark research finds that companies that directly link their plans get better results than those that don’t: 66 percent said their planning processes work well or very well compared to 40 percent that aggregate the information by copying and pasting rather than linking and 25 percent that reported little or no connection between their plans.

Click Here to Read the Vantana Research Next Generation Business Planning Report – Improving the Business Value of Planning & Budgeting ROI

As you can see, in 2019 & beyond there will be more reasons than ever for those that have remained on the side-lines to get on board with integrated enterprise planning & budgeting. For those that already have, it may be worthwhile to evaluate their current system against more modern products and determine if an upgrade makes sense.

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