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Profisee Master Data Management

Profisee Master Data Management – 50% of organisations maintain master data separately in 11 or more systems, risking the chance of embarrassing and costly mistakes should inconsistencies arise. Because of this, the benefits of proper Master Data Management (MDM) are just as pronounced, if not more so, than the risks of having poor or no MDM in place.  Master data management (MDM) continues to gain momentum as more organizations recognize the fundamental need to make sense of an increasingly chaotic and complex enterprise information landscape. The pain that organizations are experiencing around consistent reporting, regulatory compliance, strong interest in GDRP, and Software as a Service (SaaS) has prompted a great deal of interest in Master Data Management (MDM). IT and business leaders know they have a master data problem, but struggle to effectively solve it via the right combination of organizational change and technology – thus the case for Master Data Management – MDM.  

Some key Master Data Management concepts 

MDM implementation styles – Registry, centralized, co-existence, and consolidated (as outlined by Gartner, and generally agreed upon).

The common functions an MDM platform should provide – Modeling, integration (batch and real-time), web services, data quality, business rules, workflow, matching, survivorship, and stewardship; don’t forget non-functional capabilities such as scalability and high-availability.

Common MDM domain categories – People (customers, employees, patients, etc.), Organizations (customers, vendors, partners, etc.), and Things (products, parts, locations, assets, etc.).

The typical master data needs in your industry – Companies that distribute finished products have different needs than an industrial manufacturer; healthcare and insurance companies share common needs around provider and patient/insured member

(Gartner Master Data Management Report). 



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