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With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Effective from 25th May 2018, one of the challenges is knowing where personal data is held.  For many organisations personal data will be stored in both structured and unstructured data sources.

Most organisations manage their structured data effectively through your Company’s enterprise applications including ERP, CRM and other Supply Chain Management Systems.   However, the same cannot be said for your Company’s Unstructured information – stored across documents, images, rich media; excel, csv files, other content assets that reside across your company’s enterprise content management, collaboration and email systems; on network drives and users’ computers; and in enterprise application document stores, whether on-premise or in the cloud – the list is endless.


…Unstructured information accounts for about 90% of enterprise information, and many organisations lack the processes and systems required to effectively manage this information throughout its life cycle…  …You must Minimise the risks associated with over-retention or the use of information that contains confidential or personally identifiable data…. (IDC Research 2017) 


Unstructured data sources provide a very real challenge to manage and govern for all Companies.  We can help you to act and manage the Unstructured Data by helping you selct the right Software Solutions – GDPR – How We Help with IBM StoredIQ

Software Tool such as IBM StoredIQ enables organisations to Discover, Recognise and Act on Unstructured Data and Data Retention Issues to ensure GDPR Compliance.

GDPR - Let Us Help

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A Practical Guide to Compliance




We have compiled a handy 2-page reference in PDF format which you can use during your GDPR journey and which takes a Practial Approach to GDPR Compliance.


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