Food safety and quality are one of the most important fundamentals within the food industry.  However, the continuous change in quality standards makes it even more difficult for businesses to always comply.

One requirement is having the right information on the product label. Where does the product come from? What are the nutritional values? Is the product sustainable, organic, considered a healthy option? Does it meet specific labels? Is production done is a safe and sustainable way. These aspects all come together with transparency and data quality; if your data is not correct, you cannot guarantee the quality of your product.  In the end, that is all that counts.

Food safety should be a guarantee. Producers need to create methods and procedures to establish this. Safe production and great quality products are key in every food producing company. Information should be registered at every moment, during every stage of the business process, and be available at any time for an inspection to certified institutions and legislators. In this whitepaper, we share the most important aspects for companies in the food industry.

Click HERE to see the full whitepaper.


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