Supply Chain Management


As a food company, there is nothing you would like to do more than manage the supply chain from beginning to end. You want transparency and insight into what happens from farm to fork. Better control over your product leads to greater insight, enabling you to truly safeguard the quality and safety of your products. Internal and external logistics are a regular occurrence in this respect. You want control over and insight into your commodity flows. And that’s why a platform is needed to support and register all these processes.  Foodware 365 takes care of all your requirements from raw material procurement to the transportation planning of the end product

Do these Challenges sound familiar?
  • Ever increasing customer demands
  • Under pressure margins
  • Strict food safety and quality regulations
  • Transparency
  • Slicing efficiency
  • Numerous end products
  • Short ordering cycles
  • Joining the scales
  • Animal welfare and sustainability
  • Various End Products
  • Avoiding Recalls
  • Supply chain Alignment


A thorough adoption process is crucial for a successful ERP implementation


Download the Guide:  9 conditions for optimum return on your new ERP system

An integrated ERP provides control, eliminates paperwork, retyping from one system to another and human error.

In this guide you will find out how to get a return on your investment and your employees.

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