Take Control Of Your Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis


Unprecedented events have highlighted the need for a more agile approach to planning and performance management

ProPM has arrived!

ProPM is a modern Enterprise Performance Management Application which puts you in control of your planning, reporting and analysis. Built on IBM’s market leading Planning Analytics platform which is used by thousands of companies globally, ProPM features pre-built modules that reduce implementation time and expense, whilst providing a best practice solution.

ProStrategy developed ProPM in response to business leaders demands for the capability to easily revise their plans with adjusted assumptions, and quickly identify and respond to opportunities and threats as the arise.

ProPM Introduction

ProPM App Overview

Take Control Of Your Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis


Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

The purpose of planning is to figure out how to best implement a company’s strategy and achieve its objectives. With ProPM you can operate a collaborative planning process with meaningful input from all stakeholders, creating a truly integrated plan to succeed.

Management & Performance Reporting

Business leaders require performance information which is complete, trusted, timely, relevant, and delivered in a cost-efficient manner. ProPM will provide your organisation with accurate timely insight linking operational activity with financial performance enabling better decision making. ProPM gives the essential information required to make better decisions.

Profitability Analysis

Cost and profitability decision making requires insight and analysis on the products and services offered, WHO they are sold to and HOW they are delivered. ProPM enables the creation of insight on product, customer and channel profitability to strengthen your financial Performance.


Take Control – Plan for the future – Use trusted timely information to help you plan for the future rather than be constantly reconciling the past.


Gain Efficiency – Streamline Manual Processes – Automate the tedious, repetitive tasks of gathering and manipulating information to free up time for value added activity.


Make Better Decisions – Better & Faster Decisions – Harness the power of collaboration. Make decisions on cost and profitability based on trusted analysis.


Improve Agility – Provide leadership in periods of uncertainty – Use a robust platform to test multiple performance scenarios, identify how to defend against threats and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.


Achieve Strategy – Translate Strategy into actionable Plans – Document the initiatives designed to achieve your strategy. Break broad initiatives into actionable projects that are resourced and measured.

Maturity Curve


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Our Experience in your Industry

We know your Industry

ProPM works in all key industries and drives business efficiency by streamlining your business processes. Use ProPM to integrate your existing software so you have a single view of your key processes enabling you to make better, more informed decisions based on real-time, up-to-date data.

ProStrategy partner with IBM to provide customers with best-in-class EPM software. ProPM is a versatile, user friendly solution that will help you achieve your strategic business goals. We have delivered EPM projects across a wide range of industries, and know what it takes to ensure your project is a success!

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