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Posted by Niamh Aughney | 01st June 2022

FP&A Transformation Talks

Today FP&A teams spend up to 70% of their time simply collecting, cleaning, summarizing, and sharing data. This leaves little time for analysis and even less for influencing business leaders with insights derived from the analysis. This contrasts with the real mission of FP&A that is ‘to
drive the right strategic choices in the company’.

FP&A is due for a transformation. In fact, it’s been long overdue. FP&A knows it. CFOs know it. Even business leaders know it. They know it because the pandemic made it clearer than ever that a strong FP&A team is needed to ensure companies make the right choices.

In this eBook we discuss the steps needed to get this transformation done. We unveil how FP&A is ideally suited to support strategy formulation and execution as well as the overall transformation agenda that most companies are driving. We deep-dive on the new operating model for FP&A and what roles you should have on your FP&A team. We also review an approach to process transformation that will help you deal with the core processes of FP&A.

The eBook also has insightful interviews with FP&A thought leaders that share their first-hand experiences with FP&A transformation. They have seen the beauty and the beast of transformation and share lots of tips on how you can drive the transformation.

We hope that this eBook will help fuel your FP&A transformation because the time is now. If you don’t do it someone else will! Are you ready to step up your transformation efforts?


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