ERP - Improve

Consolidate your business data to improve efficiency and to enable better decisions, faster....

CRM - Become Acquainted

Get to know your customers' needs through a single integrated database of their interactions with you and your business....

Analytics - Get Empowered

Unlock the key business data & information which really matters to drive better decision making, faster.......

Since 1985, ProStrategy have been helping customers to empower better decisions.

Better decisions will lead to improved business performance

We put emphasis on getting you information that you can trust. While doing that, we help you:

  • Build efficiencies by streamlining your business processes
  • Understand your customer’s needs by getting to know your customers better
  • Improve business performance through deeper and actionable insights

Our Story


“We started in business 30 years ago and our focus has always been to empower our customers to make better decisions in their business.”- John Coleman, Managing Director

We Work With The Best

<span id=ourpartnerships></span>We Work With The Best

You Can Bet On Blue

The ProStrategy and IBM Business Analytics & IBM Data & Information Management partnership began back in 1985; and today ProStrategy are the leading Business Analytics partner in Ireland; strengthened by its partnership with an instantly recognisable and high successful multi-national global brand.

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Experience The Gold Standard

The ProStrategy and Microsoft partnership began in 2002. ProStrategy are a Microsoft Gold Partner and a leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Ireland for ERP & CRM Solutions.

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Work With Best-in-Class Products

Our Products

We have picked best in class products to ensure that our customers have access to the right tools to empower better decisions.

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