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Date Published | 17.01.2022


Driving Business and Creating Meaningful Work with Automation and Analytics

Leveraging Data to Fuel Growth

When you’re growing a business, the first thing you do is add people. It makes sense to boost your human capital because having a larger talent pool enables you to take on more clients.

If you’re using Excel for Analytics, you’re missing a world of possibilities. We were stuck in a world of Excel for Analytics and saw the opportunity to Embrace Automation & Analytics

John Furlong, CAO

Driving Business and Creating Meaningful Work with Automation and Analytics

One of our goals was self-service. We wanted our people to log into our analytics platform and generate reports on their own. Cognos Analytics allows individual users to query our database in real time and to generate reports on the fly. It is flexible enough to handle everything from a simple question about the current value of a single derivative, to the creation of a report that tracks the performance of a financial instrument over months or years.

  • Eliminates dependency on individuals with detailed application knowledge

  • Automates weekly and monthly sales analytics, accelerating insight

Building a comprehensive view of sales performance

Cognos Analytics has helped us start important conversations about where ElectroRoute has been and where we’re going. Our front and back offices are now collaborating better. We are working together to move the business forward. The FinOps team has been repositioned within the company and is now adding value by providing data that helps drive the decision-making process.

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