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Date Published | 17.02.2022
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Gem Pack

Gem Pack Foods Transforms Finance & Operations

Gem Pack Foods is a leading food ingredients company based in Dublin. Their products can be found in homes, restaurants, and cafes across Ireland. They’ve now grown to employ well over 100 people and have a turnover of around €40 million.

If we didn’t have Dynamics 365, we wouldn’t be in operation today, particularly with the amount of growth we have encountered over the past few years.

Oliver Cronin – Finance Director

Gem Pack Foods

ERP Solution – Dynamics 365

One of the big challenges that Gem Pack faced was managing stock. Working in the food industry, there are mandatory labelling requirements for expiry dates and product ingredients/contents. Ensuring that this is carried out accurately and consistently is vital in the process.

The legacy inventory management platform didn’t easily connect to Gem Pack’s finance system. This made the ratification of stock contents and value a real challenge. The siloing of data was creating more work for everyone within the business, increasing the potential for errors, and impeding effective analysis.

  • Discovery – One single, Feature & Benefit full ERP system.

  • Inspire & Design – Centralised data repository for easy & up to date reporting.

  • Build & Implement – Fully integrated financials including everything from store EPOS to Head Office General Ledger

  • Transform & Grow – Improved Supply Chain Function, Stock and Inventory management.

The Solution

From a finance perspective, management accounts can be produced in half the time – 4 days instead of 8-9 days. This also means that Oliver Cronin and the rest of the finance team can focus more on value-adding tasks – such as the strategic development of the business – rather than being involved in day-to-day operations.

Using Dynamics 365’s out of the box features, ProStrategy worked to customise some of these elements – such as the inventory management tool which enabled easier product picking analysis.

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