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Date Published | 17.01.2022
mccarthy insurance group MIG

McCarthy Insurance Group

Driving Business and Creating Meaningful Work with Automation and Analytics

Leveraging Data to Fuel Growth

When you’re growing a business, the first thing you do is add people. It makes sense to boost your human capital because having a larger talent pool enables you to take on more clients.

If you’re using Excel for Analytics, you’re missing a world of possibilities. We were stuck in a world of Excel for Analytics and saw the opportunity to Embrace Automation & Analytics

MIG Group
Brendan Harrington, Finance & Operations Director

Driving Business and Creating Meaningful Work with Automation and Analytics

After attending a demo session by ProStrategy, he decided to act, and to avail of the software’s features to address the group’s needs. John Coleman, Managing Director of ProStrategy, explains why Cognos Analytics was an attractive option for what MIG needed:

“Cognos Analytics provides the capabilities to build a solution, very quickly, from the ground up. The key is to understand the customer requirements. Once we understand what the customer wants to achieve, then we can design and build a reporting application specific to the customer’s needs.”

Key to the success of the project was the time taken at the start to scope out MIG’s specific requirements and how Cognos Analytics could address them. This process involved understanding that the information would not only be available to the group board, but also the branch managers so that they could have greater visibility of sales.

  • Enhanced negotiating position with suppliers: it has transformed the company’s relationship with insurance providers; accurate data from its systems drivemore informed conversations and negotiations.

  • Automates weekly and monthly sales analytics, accelerating insight

Building a comprehensive view of sales performance

IBM Cognos Analytics, with a reporting application designed and built specifically to the Group’s needs. Data from the sales application in all branches is stored in a central analysis cube which produces daily reports for senior management.

With a business that was growing in size and complexity, the group required a centralised store for managing its data and having the most up-to-date financial information across the entire organisation.

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