Data Management

Data Management


Data Management Best Practice is central to a successful business – particularly one that relies on Analytics to survive and remain competitive.  However the Data Preparation which really  matters to the business for Analytics is not without its challenges.   

ProStrategy provide best in class solutions and services to help you access all types of raw data and let you cleanse, transform and shape it for any Analytic purpose. As a result, you can gain deeper insights, embed that knowledge into models, share new data discoveries and automate decision-making processes across your business. 

ProStrategy is recognised as an Analytics Industry Leader in Ireland. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management solutions and services, we help our customers make better, faster and reliable decision.   Since 1985, ProStrategy has been helping customers to discover and access the data which is key to driving business success.

  • Datawarehouse  Platform – Data storage management solutions comprising of a central repository for storing all data across the enterprise, regardless of source, size or complexity.
  • Business Intelligence Analytics solutions – Interrogates the data warehouse information in order to deliver critical business Insights into the critical data  which really matters to the business – enables you to  measure, monitor, report and analyse across the Business Performance.

Put Data Management To Work For You


Do some of the following Issues & Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • Do you struggle to contain the IT costs associated with your Data-warehouse Infrastructure
  • Are you increasingly caught up in volume, velocity and variety of Data
  • Do you know if you have the right enterprise data management solution to effectively manage and optimise the critical data sources which really matter to help you drive the business growth
  • Is your Data warehouse Infrastructure optimised to deliver advanced performance, speed, simplicity and scalability
  • Does your Data Infrastructure deliver integrated advanced Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Discovery and Predictive Analytics
  • Do you have access to real-time analytics, data exploration and data discovery
  • Are the key business stakeholders and decision makers getting access to the right information and at the right time to help them make better decisions
  • Is your daily data consumption generating the Key Insights you need to help drive competitive advantage – opening up access to hidden trends and patterns and allowing you to rapidly respond to evolving analytics requirements.
  • Is there company wide collaboration into the Data warehouse Strategy or is it just the preserve of the IT Team.

See Data Management In Action 


  • Data Consolidation – regardless of source, type, size, diversity or complexity of data
  • Business Intelligence Data Discovery – gain valuable Insights that support faster and accurate data-driven decision making 
  • Easily Implement Best Practice Data Management – across the Business: 
    • Master Data Management / Data Quality
    • Data Performance / Data Integration
    • Data Governance / Compliance
    • Data modelling / ETL development
    • Data-warehouse / data migration
    • Business Intelligence Analytics

ProStrategy are a leading Data & Analytics Partner in Ireland and have extensive experience across data platforms and environments.  We are a Gold IBM and Gold Microsoft Partner.     

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